Interior Coating

Coating the interior of the solar kiln was a simple but critical step in the overall construction process. The coating serves two very important purposes. The first obvious purpose is to create a barrier on the interior walls that will help keep moisture and condensation from making its way to the batt insulation and reducing its ability to do its job. The second purpose of the coating is to function as collector surface anywhere sunlight may fall on it. This is probably only applicable on the north wall above the doors and the side walls, but the moisture protection aspect is important everywhere in the kiln.

Roof and foundation coating (asphalt roofing tar) was the product of choice. A five gallon bucket was just barely enough for a single coat on all interior surfaces. I may apply a second coat if it appears the single coat isn't enough after drying a couple loads of lumber. No fancy tricks to using this stuff. It's thick and messy. I painted all of the surfaces with a liberal coat. After the first coat dried I went back and did some touch up particularly in those areas where it didn't stick very well to the silicone caulk. Don't expect a picture perfect coating job, especially on the vertical surfaces. The completed job in my kiln has very uneven consistencies, but it is black and coats and that's all that really matters.

Coating to be used Not pretty but it works Coating installation started
North wall coating complete North wall coating complete End wall coating complete
South wall and floor coating complete End wall coating complete All of the interior surfaces completely coated.  I did come back with the flat black latex and paint the edges of the doors and door frame just to pretty things up.
Closeup view of the coating texture
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