Admittedly I dropped the ball on the insulation and vapor barrier pictures. It seems I accidentally deleted those pictures. However, there really wasn't much to see. Standard wall insulation was stapled between all of the wall studs and door framing. Every gap and opening was filled with batt insulation. Plastic vapor barrier was then stapled over the entire interior of the kiln with substantial overlap at any seams.
Here you can see some of the wall insulation is stapled in The doors were insulated the same as the kiln walls Vapor barrier was installed over all insulation
Vapor barrier at the vent openings was cut and stapled back Closeup view of one of the door vents

And this is where construction ended for quite a while. Collapsing ceiling plaster in our old house forced my attention away from kiln construction. It was probably eight months or more before I was able to return to the solar kiln.


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